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Botox® Treatment Prices

How much does Botox® cost and how we assess your treatment.

Botox treatment prices for the Botox® procedure?

Our Botox treatment in Essex and Suffolk are charged by the number of areas on the face that require treatment, coupled with the skill and experience of a qualified practitioner. All our patients undergo a thorough patient consultancy to evaluate accurately their treatment. The consultancy gathers an understanding of the motivation and goals our patient is hoping to achieve. Once this is done we can then work out a complete treatment plan and a cost-effective Botox® procedure although, it must be said that price is not a reliable indicator of the quality of injector skills, which is why it’s always advisable to select qualified Botox practitioners.

Below we have illustrated some samples of Botox treatment prices for the Botox® procedure.

One area facial – Botox®
Both crows feet, or frown lines, or forehead.  £250.00
Each additional area is an extra  £50.00

Jawline (Nefertiti lift)  £250.00

Necklace Lines (Neckline treatments )  £250.00

Hyperhidrosis (Excess sweating) £495.00

Forehead  £350.00

Botox® to prevent Migraine start from  £595.00

Botox® to prevent teeth/jaw clenching (Bruxism)  £300.00

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