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Beware Botox parties!

Its important that your treatment is administered by a trained medical professional

botox treatment

Beware Botox parties, only use qualified Botox® practitioners.

Beware Botox parties, is our loud and clear message to anyone considering the anti-wrinkle treatment of Botox, read on to discover why!

No longer considered a cosmetic treatment belonging only to the rich and famous, it’s estimated that more than a million Botox® procedures are performed each year in the UK and that number is growing.  However, just because it’s popular and many more clinics and beauty salons are offering this treatment, does not mean that there are no risks involved.  So beware Botox parties and seek out a qualified practitioner.

The risk lies in how the product is injected, therefore,  It’s extremely important that your treatment is administered by a trained professional, who has the skill and experience required within this field to administer a safe treatment with a favourable outcome.

Beware Botox parties offering untrained practitioners

Let us not forget that Botox is an injectable medication for use by medical professionals. A ‘Botox party’ is a gathering designed to make the treatment less intimidating to attendees, but a word of caution; ‘Botox parties’ are sometimes held outside of medical settings. Before joining a ‘party’, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I been asked to provide a complete medical history?
  • Have I been advised of alternative treatments?
  • Have risks or potential complications been discussed?
  • Have I been asked to give my informed consent?
  • Will I receive adequate follow-up care?

So, While they might sound like a lot of fun It’s unlikely that they are safe. For patient safety, the Suffolk Medical Clinic highly qualified Botox® practitioners believe in maintaining the highest medical standards. This means administering Botox in a safe clean clinical setting with no alcohol involved!

Botox® treatment experts, BCAM & BACN members

Our Botox® treatment technicians offering this procedure to our clients in Suffolk and Essex are award-winning Botox experts with qualifications in both the, British College of Aesthetic Medicine and the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses.

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